No Chalk the Walk in 2019

After ten years of the 1000 Islands Sidewalk Chalk Festival, AKA Chalk the Walk, the organization’s Co-Chairs Jan Gravelle and David Ansley regret to say that there will be no event this year. With much soul-searching, weighing of pros and cons, and budgeting considerations, the decision was not arrived at lightly. For ten years, this annual community and family event has been the first spring event in the Town Park, kicking off the new season in Gananoque.

Throughout the ten years of the Chalk The Walk event, both Jan Gravelle and David Ansley say they have been more than fortunate to have the generous financial support of so many of the local and community businesses, Lions and Rotary, individual donors, their in-kind assistance and help, the best fun and music from the entertainers, artists and exhibitors, vendors, works department, and the long time dedication of all the volunteers.

“All of these people are so much appreciated. They continually care and give back to our community and are the true essence of what makes even small events like the Sidewalk Chalk Festival as well as all community events yet to come so special and unique to our town.”

Thanks everyone for a great ten years.

We would like to send our sincere thanks again to all of our 2018 sponsors who generously contributed to fund the event, to our volunteers who helped behind the scenes, and our apologies to anyone we may have missed. A special thanks to those who attended and made the tenth annual Chalk the Walk a day of family fun in the Town Park, to our guest entertainers, to our great artists, to the Baby Show organizers, and to these loyal supporters:

The Town of Gananoque ◆ The Rotary and Lions Clubs of Gananoque ◆ Keys Insurance ◆ St. John Ambulance ◆ GISS Ambassadors ◆ CWL St. John's and St Philomena ◆ Gananoque Police and Fire Service ◆ And our very generous sponsors:

Thank You!